Virginia Water Community Christmas Trees & Lights

* Virginia Water Coronation Playing Field ( Reg.Charity: 305022 ) Contact:



Colouring competition for Primary and Infant School children.

Winning entries will be shown here and in Connection Magazine.





Thank you for your interest in the future of this event in Virginia Water.

Our Village Christmas Trees were sadly absent in 2016 and were greatly missed by many.

For 2017, The Coronation Playing Field Committee have felt inspired to bring them back with a bit of a celebration.

If you like what you see this year on the 7th December, and find the Tree lights provide a source of extra Christmas

encouragement throughout December, we hope you will share our desire to ensure we are not without for the

coming years. Please do get in touch. Offers of help around the event would be appreciated, but we are also looking,

as a charity, to raise the funds need to support this Village centerpiece lasting throughout the Christmas season.



* Virginia Water Coronation Playing Field ( Reg.Charity: 305022 )